Prenatal Yoga

Price: 1855 kr

We also have an online course starting on February 8th in English! This course is 7 sessions in total.

Babygruppen´s Prenatal Yoga in Stockholm will prepare you both mentally and physically for the upcoming birth of your baby. Yoga during pregnancy will increases the well-being for both you and your baby. Our yoga has its roots in the Hathayoga tradition is a very powerful way to prepare for birth.

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise throughout your whole pregnancy. If you have any additional health complications, please contact us before booking for a consultation. Otherwise, welcome to the class!

The Prenatal Yoga course consists of 5 sessions each 90 minutes long. Everything that you need to do the class is provided for at the studio. We welcome both beginners and more advanced practitioners to our classes.

The classes in English we have are at Stureplan on Mondays 16.30 and at Studio Levels on Sundays at 10.30.

If you have missed a session you can make up for it during the next course or in one of the Swedish speaking classes. Send an email to to check availability for a new session. Make sure to always check the website before you have your ”make up session” to make sure no changes have occurred.